What is Browser Toolbar?

A browser toolbar is a type of browser extension. Browser toolbars add additional buttons to the browser interface to accomplish frequently used tasks. There are some popular toolbar such as Google,Yahoo.
Browser Toolbar is visible on your browser.

What does a Toolbar do?

The technical answer is "anything", but generally, it will have something to do with "helping" you browse the Internet. They are designed to provide more features that your internet explorer can not do. For example, Google Toolbar help you to search quickly,automatically detect website language and provide you the translation options.

On the other hand, there are now many toolbars which is considered as a "ad-ware" or "spyware": they do things like monitor the websites you visit and report this data back to their creators.

They can also routinely conflict with other running programs, cause a variety of page faults, run time errors, and the like, and generally impede browsing performance.

What's the symptom of a bad Toolbar ?

If you experience some of the followings , it looks like you have bad toolbar installed:
- internet explorer start up takes longer than normal.
- When you start internet explorer , homepage has changed to some websites that you don't know.
- You can not open some web pages , or the time to load a web page is too long.
- You see the browser automatically open some websites that you don't open.
- The overall internet perforamce is worst than before.

How can a Toolbar be installed on my computer and how to avoid it?

Most of toolbar is a part of a software , for example , when you install Yahoo Messenger , it will give you the option to install toolbar or not.
So, to avoid bad toolbar installed on your machine , when you install anything, please read all the options they provide on the screen , you should select the customize options , avoid just clicking "Next" and OK. When you select the customize option , it will allow you to select whether you install the toolbar or not.

Can I remove Toolbar?

Of course, you can. It's ok to remove any toolbar, look at your internet explorer window , if you see any toolbar that you don't use or don't know what it is , it's safely to remove it. This will speed up your browser.

To remove Toolbar , there are some ways that you can do it - please see it here.


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